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Смотреть онлайн Gleeks! You're watching ClevverMusic. I'm Bridget Daly with your Glee-Cap from last night's episode Yes/No. It opened with Mercedes and Sam reenacting Summer Nights from Grease, signifying that yes, there still might be something between them! Becky decides that she wants to make Artie her boyfriend, and asks him on a date. Meanwhile Emma reveals she doesn't think Will wants to marry her, when little does she know, he's plotting the perfect proposal all with the help of the Glee club...and his best man Finn! And speaking of, Finn decides to confide in Will that he plans on enlisting in the army after graduation. Sam meanwhile tries pursuing Mercedes, but she rejects him yet again, claiming she's moved on and is happy with her current BF Shane, a football star. So Sam decides to join the synchronized swimming team so he can get his lettermans jacket and impress her. Will moves forward with his plans to propose by asking Emma's parent over to get their permission, and is taken aback when they try to talk him out of it based on their daughter's major OCD problem. Emma confronts Will about it, and tells him to make up his mind about her before it's too late. That's where Sam's synchronized swimming comes into play. The Glee club helps Will choreograph the perfect proposal in the pool, and of course Emma says yes in the end! But not all is perfect at McKinley—Artie decides to tell Becky he's not interested in her, which secretly devastates her. And Finn, inspired by Mr. Shu, pops the question to Rachel! We're left with a big cliffhanger at the end, which hopefully is answered in two weeks when Glee returns! What did you guys think about the episode? Comment below and tell us your favorite part. And to see more pics, click the link to our ClevverMusic blog below, and browse the photos. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic, see ya next time.

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